Friday, August 05, 2005

it's late and im tired

ok... big steps forward today.

I have virtual users set up running through postfix-courer-ldap!!! took me a while but i finaly have it working.

The only real oddity is that the virtual dir /home/vmail/domain/* requries a Maildir. As far as i can tell it shoudln't... ohh well it works.

the next great step is the integration of plone into this system. Now as a user is put into ldap, they have a access to both email and plone. Cool stuff.

Im not sure how plone deals with password changes :(. but it would seem that it's password mod isn't compatible with imap. in other words at this point it is not recommened to change a users password through plone... though it shoudl be.

Another need product of the integration is that by using the plone usermanager it has become possible to change the ldap variables. The ldap plugin allows 1 to 1 mapping between ldap fields and plone fields. Meaning only one place to import to!!!.

anycase enough for today

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