Saturday, June 28, 2008

Abu Dhabi Theme Parks

Description: So, despite the common misconception, not EVERY new theme park/entertainment development is going on Dubai. There is a little city just up the coastline called Abu Dhabi (still in the UAE here) that is having a slight boom of its own.

Now, are we talking about a Dubailand kind of construction boom? Absolutely not, I can’t think of a project in recent history that even comes close to comparison. The projects going on in Abu Dhabi are a little different than Dubai, as where Dubai is basically one huge mega development (Dubailand), all of these projects in Abi Dhabi are being developed by different groups. These developments range from theme parks to resorts to arts venues to man made islands and everything in between. It’s kind of a shame that such exciting development is basically being swept under the rug, but hey, Dubai deserves the attention that its getting.

Below is a list of the theme park projects going on in the Abu Dhabi area. The general page - like the one for Dubai - is a page dedicated to other spectacular developments going on that don’t necessarily have to do with theme parks, but are still exciting nonetheless.

Flagship Rides: Driving simulators, roller coasters and racetrack for lessons and races.

Description: Aldar Properties and Ferrari agreed back in 2005 to build a Ferrari theme park in the very wealthy area of Abu Dhabi in the UAE. The park covers 62 square acres and will feature a variety of attractions. While some of them will be the traditional theme park attractions that we are used to seeing, Ferrari World will also boast a unique driving simulators and a racetrack that will be used to give park attendees lessons on how to actually drive a race car. Because of the construction of this track, Abu Dhabi will also be able to host a 2009 Formula 1 racing event, the same year that the park is scheduled to open.

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