Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Malaysia/Mubadala: Iskandar Node 1

Mideast investors still keen on Malaysia:

The second agreement will witness Mubadala, the investment agency of Abu Dhabi, confirm its commitment to develop Node 1 of Iskandar Malaysia. But, as important as the two agreements will be the presence of senior officials from the emirates.

Leading the entourage will be chairman of the Crown Prince Court Sheikh Hamed Zayed al-Nahyan, chairman of the Executive Affairs Authority of Abu Dhabi/Mubadala chief executive officer Khaldoon al-Mubarak and ADCB chairman Said al-Hajeeri.

The chairman of the Crown Prince Court has a standing higher to that of the prime minister while the Executive Affairs Authority handles the day-to-day running of Abu Dhabi.

This visit is important because in the last 10 months there has been growing interest from the Middle East in investing in Malaysia. Businesses from the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have been scouting for opportunities in real estate and infrastructure projects here.

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