Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Swiss designer of solar taxi in Abu Dhabi talks

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UAE. Louis Palmer, the first Swiss designer of a solar-powered vehicle commended efforts exerted by the UAE in the field of renewable energy, particularly in solar energy.

He added at a press conference last week at the Abu Dhabi Hilton that he was briefed in Abu Dhabi about efforts being exerted to find sources of alternative energy, building green city, development of solar energy uses to preserve environment and reduction of traditional fuels.

The press conference was attended by Peter Fogler, Swiss Ambassador to UAE, Deputy Chairman of Swiss Envoy in Abu Dhabi and the Swiss crew accompanying Palmer in his world tour.

Palmer said he "carries a message to the countries of the world that time has come for shifting to a cleaner environment."

He expressed his excitement about arriving in Abu Dhabi as part of his world tour, which started from his home town Lucerne in Switzerland on 3 July. The tour will continue for 16 months, during which he will visit 50 countries and 400 cities in five continents.

Palmer's tour is a living practical way to underscore that change is possible to curb negative effects of carbon dioxide emissions.

His solar taxi consists of a solar vehicle and trailer with solar cells. It is powered by 100% solar energy on its 50,000-kilometre journey around the world. Some 50% of the energy comes from its own solar cells on the trailer, while the other 50% is produced, certified and fed into the power grid on the roof of the Swisscom building in Koniz and accessed via power sockets en route.

This solar taxi uses electricity from 100% renewable energy and releases no emissions into the atmosphere.It can travel in darkness at speed of 90 kilometres per hour.

Palmer noted that his vehicle is part of an aggressive launch, to commence the fundamental shift to curb negative effects of pollution emitted by cars. He said that the solar energy vehicle does not emit any poisonous gas.

As the first motor vehicle not powered by fossil fuel to drive around the world on normal roads, it will set a world record.

He said he did not face any problems throughout his journey which set off from Switzerland through Germany, Czeck Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

The solar taxi will now embark by ship to Mumbai where it will cross the Indian Subcontinent and travel onwards to Indonesia to attend the UN World Climate Conference in December.

Palmer is backed in his journey by the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Environment and the UN environmental programme.

He revealed that the manufacturing cost of the solar energy vehicle in China was just € 6,000, indicating that the cost will drop in the event that demand soars.

Palmer's tour, which will take 16 months, is expected to conclude in Switzerland by October 2008.

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