Thursday, August 28, 2008

$9bn technology investment set

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DUBAI: Technology investments in the GCC are expected to top $9.1 billion by the end of this year, according to recent research from IDC.

Amidst the burgeoning growth, experts have identified strong technological leadership as an important factor in achieving genuine productivity benefits for companies and social and economic advantages for the region.

In line with this, SAS, the provider of business intelligence and analytic software and services, is set to host the Premier Business Leadership Series (PBLS), a one-day invitation-only event on September 11, at the Trident Hotel in Mumbai.

The event will gather global thought leaders to address senior executives from the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions, on the business impact of performance excellence through insight and innovation.

With a focus on the globalisation and future business issues that executives across these regions face, PBLS is designed to provide valuable foresight into the global economic outlook by inviting global thought leaders to talk about how managing performance, customers, analytics and information are essential to sustainable success.

"The growing adoption of business analytics and intelligence by companies in India and in the rest of Asia Pacific continues to gain momentum," said SAS African and Middle east regional chief executive officer Bill Hoggarth.

"PBLS will deliver a roadmap to participants, which will help them gain valuable insights on how to innovate and manage in these exciting times to ensure growth that is manageable and sustainable."

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